“You are the most important asset of your organization. If you do not have your health you do not have anything. Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”


“Your Own Guru”

….healthier physically, mentally & emotionally.

Live each day a more Sustainable, Efficient, and Fulfilled version of your authentic Self. Discover the power in better connecting your mind & body. Gain power and heightened ability from your subconscious rather than by being ruled and controlled by it. Understand that which you have in your life to be grateful for and thus become able to expand your blessings exponentially.


Below are the 3 Pillars of Evolution, which form a uniquely powerful Transformative Program which delivers unparalleled results.

Personal Development & Experiential Coaching Immersion Program.

I have condensed the most beneficial aspects, wisdom and reflections from the past 3 years of my transformation. Formulating a program integrating my most valuable lessons & practices from Eastern wisdom traditions, melded with my Western entrepreneurial capitalist background to create a synergistic marriage between these two world views and lifestyles… Read More

Treatments which Transform the Mind & Body

Benefit from 3 hours a day of Ancient Healing techniques, which will rapidly evolve & renew your mind, body and spirit. Sages, gurus, mystics and kings have benefitted from these annual treatments for thousands of years. Ayurveda is the oldest surviving holistic science of healing and wellness; estimated to have originated over 4,000 years ago. Recorded in ancient scriptures and passed down for generations… Read More

Gain, Grow & Unlock Powerful Tools for Sustainable Excellence

Jumpstart, Amplify and/or Evolve your Yogic practices. Once you learn to tap into your authentic nature, you begin to know yourself, heal and move beyond your past traumas. Improve your emotional intelligence, empathy, your ability to read and understand others. Grow your interpersonal, relationship and communications skills, which will soar. Ultimately, you will become able to develop and maintain much stronger & healthier relationships… Read More

Take the time to step back, make a significant investment in yourself

It is no longer common to take meaningful time off. This leaves us over-saturated in external noise which obfuscates our inner wisdom, setting us on the wrong path. This breeds anxiety, depression and the formation of toxic and/or addictive habits. Take this timeout, a step back, so that you may then breakthrough and leap forward.

Why Us...

  • Become a better leader; improve your self so you may lift up and inspire others
  • Release Addictive Behaviors and Self Destructive Patterns
  • Liberation from past Trauma’s, Physical Mental and Emotional Pain
  • Life Long Health Benefits
  • Personalized Attention

Would you like time to breathe?

A vacation like none before invites you to participate. Join us in this journey of discovering ‘YOU’. Harmonize your body, mind and inner self.​