The People

Dominic C. Volini
Founder & Program Director

Since selling his business, Dom. spent the entirety of the past several years, immersed on a quest, to improve himself. Seeking to uncover an understanding of ways and methods to improve his life and the lives of others; Individuals who, despite professional success, find themselves as lost just as he was. He had built his business with all of his time, energy, attention and focus. The entirety of his 20’s into his 30’s. After his exit, there was so much incomplete and he had too many regrets.

Having spent years surpassing goals and benchmarks which he had set for himself, his health increasingly declined as his pursuits and obligations expanded. Every other area of his life suffered and the financial & material gains, professional successes & accolades rang hollow. This ultimately ended in profound heartache, disenchantment and being complete disillusionment.

He embarked on a single-minded pursuit to regain his physical & mental health, reconnect with his confidence and improve his character. He ultimately found and immersed himself in Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine. He was fortunate to have identify, relieve treatment from, practice with, and now work alongside some of the most gifted and knowledgeable healers, practitioners and masters in the world.

Utilizing ancient Indian and Eastern systems to heal, rebuild and rapidly evolve himself. He very quickly became inspired to share these gifts with the world. This culminated in the creation and development of this program. A solution for him which he had sought and needed so mightily himself for so many years. He has condensed his experience, lessons and my research which delivers an experience of rapid and profound personal evolution.

Our program is based on his background and perspectives as a lifelong entrepreneur.

Dr. P. Sambhu B.A.M.S

Dr. P. Sambhu is qualified as an Ayurvedic Doctor from Government Ayurveda College, Trivandrum. He has been in service for more than 28 years. He brings his vast experience and knowledge in Ayurveda to Ayushya, having practiced for many years in Europe and the U.S. Dr. P. Sambhu combines the efficacy of an ancient system of medicine with compassion.

Ashutosh Sharma
Director of Marketing, Communications & Digital Strategy

A Native of Delhi, India, Ash is based in Chicago serving guests in the US. Ash is an Entrepreneur, having recently moved on from his most recent venture. He is a Spiritual Mentor in his own right. He has developed his own coaching & personal development program, and has clients of his own. Ash was drawn to join the Guru G, Inc team by Dominic’s story and the teachings learned from their growing friendship. He too will be completing a 30 day intensive program later this year and will see where his path leads after that!!

The Programs

Our programs fuse the experiences Dominic had as an entrepreneur. The positive elements and unhealthy behaviors and mindsets of the Modern Western World, which he painfully learned from, overcome and reflected upon to share; the most beneficial elements from the cautionary elements of his story, fused with the Ancient Eastern Wisdom Traditions, which saved him and allowed him to become the whole person he is today.