Anti Aging: Inversion is Crucial

I was teaching a private class the day before yesterday, & my very eager 👩‍🎓 😬, who is extremely athletic💪🏽 and physically active, at the end of class asked me if I lifted weights, I said I hadn’t in many years, that grateful for my physical health & the gift of my body, that I didn’t care about muscles. Strength will come & go, but the wisdom gained stays with my spirit through all eternity🌬✨I affirmed that my perceived “visible power” is a result of yoga, but that’s not what I seek. That strength comes (or is inhibited) first from the mind, then breath, openness and harmony. The true power from a practice is not visible. It’s neither anything I’ve read, because the words contain different meaning, an obvious Truth once you have felt them on your Mat, in your body, yoga must be felt to be fully understood, why I persist. Anyone who seeks it may fulfill, but its originates with desire, belief and dedication. That the mind is for the most part people’s greatest obstacle on their path. I had only physically practiced maybe a dozen hours in the last 9 weeks prior to today, focusing primarily on meditation🧘🏻‍♂️, studying📚, writing, my Ayurvedic treatments & integration of several months of practice prior to🇮🇳(also recovering from a slight mishap!🪂🤷🏻‍♂️😂) All HeALED🙏🏽🕉..Today was the first time in what seems like forever🥺that I could really play on my mat, clear headed… exploring my body, time & space🕳🧙🏽‍♂️with an even more formidable🦁refreshed🧖🏻‍♂️🔋👁mind & body. This pose came to me in meditation, inspired seeing some of my Crow🦅🥐(yes the bird!😂)friends whilst having breakfast several weeks back. It wasn’t until today after a long day of activities & practicing that the sun was setting, I was physically and mentally exhausted, but before I went to roll up my mat; I remembered wanting to try this, but having to wait🥱here is the first couple that I could capture on📸 I call it “Clever Crow,” Inspired from Crows working in teams stealing breakfasts mostly from tourists as the locals like me 😊🙏🏽are keen to most of their tricks. Like all #asanas someone somewhere has done and named this before, someone will again. This was my expression today, my moment in time, eternally grateful for all of my gifts, my faults & inspirations. Without all of them, I would be nowhere, let alone here, exactly where I am meant to be🙏🏽🕉🕉🕉 #resetventures #bestyoga #crowpose #bakasanavariation #yogatribe #bakasana

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