Consciousness Family.

Of course I miss my family while I am over year training, working and evolving myself. Especially on days like today. However, I always keep myself quite busy, almost never know what day it is nor how much time has passed🙉⏳🙈 That makes it easier. Additionally, I am always blessed to be surrounded by a tremendous amount of loving, caring and supportive people🥰🙏🏽Here is some of my India 🇮🇳 Fam that was at our special Christmas🎄dinner, my 3rd Year in a row I have spent the holidays in Kerala 🇮🇳A lot of the faces change, but there are always so many familiar ones. Witnessing our collective evolution is one of my great joys in life😇 We are building a global community of support, wisdom and love everyday over here. Witnessing it grow stronger each year is such a blessing and affirms my path, strengthens vision🧘🏻‍♂️👁 Knowing that I am building a better me, growing daily and working to contribute to building a better world, each day and every passing year; makes the sacrifice of not being nearer to my family an acceptable sacrifice. This world needs so many more people to heal themselves, sacrifice and serve others. If we are to live our lives as one big family, which we should… in harmony, balance, friendship and partnership with one another. I have witnessed the world that is possible, I have experienced and lived in it. This world exists if we all want it to, and playing a part in contributing what we can to a shared collective vision. Today on the birthday of Jesus Christ👶🏼✝️ we celebrated that coming world as a family in his honor. #gurugint #indiachristmas #holyday #christmas #globalfamily #yogatribe

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