Fresh Approach for Growth

I am working toward a #sirsana with no arm support, where my arms extend up towards the heavens☁️✨ (Before anyone voices any warnings, please don’t😋I know my body & my path) As Ghandi💗 said, “get out of my mind with your dirty feet🦶🏽😂)one of my favorite quotes, which truly says so much about the destructive role others play in our mental chatter👌🏽If it happens cool, if not I will have grown🌱🧘🏻‍♂️Anyhow,🤓I am working with my teacher on rebuilding my headstand from what feels like square one, which is so cools the humility and patience in this, with a pose which had become so effortless🧞‍♂️pure playtime, but there is always room for improvement when one demands personal evolution, the Ego must be battled unceasingly🕉⛩ The new cues are do not “feel good”🥺yet in my body, and consciously activating the new areas of the Scapulas, glutes and lower legs are slow in coming alive 🌬⚡️Today in meditation I decided to begin changing my plane to reduce the need to concentrate as much on balance, devoting more🧠 to visualization, so I began doing my “headstand” in standing. When I am in a pure #headstand for long periods I often forget if I am standing or still on my head, you realize how profoundly our thoughts, perceptions and bodies shape our reality. What many don’t realize is that when you attempt things and you can’t see yourself doing them first if at all, the more challenging or even impossible the are, you must believe in your heart that it’s possible first, see it. That is one reason why I ask people not to share their personal defeatist thoughts with my open mind and open heart. The biggest mistakes I have ever made have come from listening to other people & disregarding my intuition. I would be nowhere I am today without learning to listen to my own inner voice again, trusting only myself. I am optimist and a dreamer until my last breath🙏🏽🕉🕉🕉 (I realize, this might not look very physical, but the more yoga you do, the greater ability and control you have over pinpointedly activating muscles all throughout your body, sending breath and further engagement. After only several minutes of this, you can feel it throughout your body. Activity and engagement seemingly everywhere.)

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