Ganesh Puja. Understanding & Removing Obstacles🙏🏽🕉

Many of us here took part in a special early morning #ganeshpuja today🙏🏽Gathering at 3 this morning🌕 to meet the priests, beginning preparations. I took some snaps 📸 before the ceremony commenced, the altar complete & the truly elaborate nature of the setting was on display; in reaching all of its fully intricate aspects🤩The entire ritual dating back & understood to be at least over 6,000 years old🤯🙏🏽is truly something to behold😍Not only is the energy created palpable, felt around & throughout your entire being, but to witness the flowing complexity of innumerable Mudras🤞🏽the progressive steps in creation of the flames🔥, the carefully choreographed steps effortlessly executed with each passing second, the integration of each element of nature…so much more!! Forge an environment which transports us🌪through a portal into a reborn👶🏻 present moment. The midnight hours carried us into the early morning light and lingering well beyond breakfast. Our ceremony coincided with the new/upcoming full moon & a local Hindu festival tonight. I may get into further detail, about the mental and physical shifts which took place for me personally with this transitional ceremony, coinciding time spent among friends after & related meditations, but for now I am still downloading… processing. I have heard it said, that the more one learns, the more they realize how little they know. True for sure, but the more I learn & encounter, the less I feel I must know. Understanding everything that everything I need to will come to me, if I continue in my path, openly inquisitive, with a childlike curiosity to that which is of interest to me, that which resonates. I believe that we absorb all of the positive and useful wisdom we will need along our path when we take this approach. When seeking to lead a positive and fulfilling life, we will encounter the teachers & education which will enable us to fulfill our dharma here, with the time which we are granted. At times finding it daunting to learn all I can when I understand how little time we have, compared with many lifetimes of wisdom. Be open & ready to receive, that which is meant for you will come🙏🏽🕉🕉🕉#GuruGInt

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