Poolside Handstand Workshop with friends

A friend of mine just arrived at the clinic last night and asked me to work on his handstands with him. I really haven’t spent much time on my handstands in the last 12 months and I go weeks, sometimes months without doing a proper handstand. There are just so many other aspects of my practice, and then other #asanas which I strive to understand, and which I find more beneficial to my overall personal development, at least for now. That is until today, I was doing some work by the pool and we worked for a bit together, I realized that I should devote a little more attention to this area going forward…my #handstandpractice ✊🏼🤙🏽Recently, I have been working more and more on my #bandhas in all of my poses and working toward activating #mahabanda (The Great Lock)🔒especially is peak poses🏔Working with my friend today on various elements of activation, I realized that I should give some handstand variations some attention, while seeking the Maha. The greater the variety in your practice, when striving towards a new understanding, the more complete your understanding will be when you are ready to receive the download🛸⚡️🧘🏻‍♂️🧬 #gurugint #resetventures #entreprenuermindset #ayurvedalifestyle #yogainspiration #ayurvedamedicine

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