Orphanage Special Delivery😬🤗

I don’t pay much attention to days of the week or dates at all much anymore, holidays typically come & go, where I realize at the last minute, sending a prayer & intention to loved ones back home, with that about being the extent of my celebration. Today however coincided perfectly with Thanksgiving 🦃❤️🇺🇸falling on a day my good friend Marius and I had planned on going & buying a bunch of sports equipment for a local orphanage😊🙏🏽We bought mannny many(soccer) footballs⚽️, cricket🏏 bats/balls, badminton🏸sets & a couple nets, basketballs 🏀 & a hoop, jump ropes & more!!🙌🏼👌🏽🥳The thrill I had while picking out, filling up & preparing to deliver everything was simply magic⚡️Remembering what it was like to have your troubles melt away when playing for hours as a kid, & only imaging the excitement to seeing all this gear, & for these children who have so little; was a tremendous privilege to be able to provide. So many memories stand out from today🥰, like being swarmed by a couple dozen 5 & 6 year olds holding my hands, seizing upon my arms, all asking my name, and simultaneously laughing as they repeated it & then theirs, laughing more loudly at my pronunciation of theirs. Then there was an 8 year old girl in a pretty dress & pig tails whose teacher said she had just arrived at the orphanage that day, asking if I would take a photo with the girl at her request, to shy to ask herself, but in need of some cheering up. To then have the girl beam with glee as we traded names, compliments & as I told her I would certainly be back for yoga & games😢 How could I not return for that when in reflecting upon that moment, your awareness of the impact that you are making is so strikingly apparent. The only difficulty I have had, in my times of giving is in certain moments of profound connection, to not be overwhelmed by a wave of emotion. It is in these instances of connection to other humans & to purpose that we are truly alive. I am Thankful for so much today, being here right now, Thankful for these children and to have been alive, able to reach them today. Happy Thanksgiving, for all that we have, God Bless everyone, everywhere🥰🇺🇸💗🇮🇳😊🧘🏻‍♂️🙏🏽🕉🕉🕉

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