Orphanage Tennis Club

Spent the day with some my favorite little humans and a couple new friends. We delivered toothbrushes, toothpaste🦷and Soap🧼 Which the children and staff had expressed were pressing needs. One of my new friends who joined us today, put on a tennis🎾clinic this morning for the kids. He is a national tennis champ in the UK🇬🇧& a tennis school in London. We are discussing collaborating building a tennis & multi-purpose sports court for the kids. The kids loved the clinic, it was so fun exposing them to an unfamiliar skill and watching them flourish 🦅🌟We then unloaded the newly stocked sports equipment, spending the better part of the day immersed in play. I cannot explain how fulfilling it is to play with these children. I have an intention each day that I spend here, to make eye contact with each child👶🏽while saying something supportive, nurturing and loving❤️🌟You can see the spark of creation in each child’s eyes, their individual Devine light emerging at different levels depending how comfortable they become. It is easy to reach them at play, which gives me such abundant fuel⛽️to play alongside them. I often had two futbol’s coming at me concurrently while a tennis ball throw would head my way, I would do my best to complete each reception and return a pass to whomever I felt was not being included. When we serve and do work for a higher purpose, when we connect with other humans and meet them with love and share our light with theirs seeking to build them up, to support them, that is when we truly begin to tap into our potential as humans⚡️I had many thoughts over the last few years as to whether to just chill, meditate and practice yoga in seclusion, on beaches and in the⛰ but ultimately came to the conclusion that I must serve, share and build something that makes the world better. These kids are an affirmation that I made the right decision with each moment I spend here, with each connection. I am grateful for today and for finding this special place. #gurugint #entreprenuermindset #personalgrowthcoach #karmayoga #ayurvedicmedicine

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