Peacock’s Array

Saw this Babe🤩💃🏼😂cross the street reminded me that this week and actually today, is Thanksgiving 🦃👨🏻‍🌾, in the States🇺🇸, wishing all of my friends and family the happiest of festivities🙏🏽Hoping everyone is able to partake and appreciate the abundance they posses, whatever they may be thankful for🙏🏽It’s funny that the male peacock 🦚so elegant & beautifully adorned, as is the case with many avian creatures & other males in the animal kingdom. The human body, such a mystifying piece of engineering; how tremendously different the male & female form may appear aesthetically, & functional roles in creation of life, but additionally posses Masculine/Female energy, & I imagine a “genderless” soul?🤔The archetypal male form being more a tool of utility, warfare & power, whereas that of a female immense beauty, wisdom, creativity, while possessing the power of creation💗residing within🌟In my studies & adventures, I have thought & pondered a great deal as to the physical expression of the masculine & feminine, as well as, their energetic manifestations. I am enamored by the role that these elements play in the formation, thoughts & actions of the human psyche. I am diving into more & more recently is Tantric yogic philosophy, ones openness to the energetic & physical expressions of non attachment in both love & intimacy. Not a shallow transactional manner of sex, an unconscious bound nature in commitment, or love as friends, family, humans; our humanity sexually, ways of thinking, are presently obviously very contaminated, bipolar & manic; why as a society we see such toxic expressions in sexual relations & partnership. No one is quite certain if they are a male or a female peacock & they wish to be viewed and treated as both simultaneously, yet are affronted, scornful when decidedly clinging to a temporary preference to one, thereby changing the understanding of the relationship. So much more to say, but that shall suffice for now. I am Thankful, for my Health, Family & this crazy 🌍, able to explore, stumble fall & recover, certainly I must be a human male peacock, only yet to unfurl my feathery array😆😂, an unbelievable amount yet to discern🧘🏻‍♂️🇺🇸❤️

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