Immersive Coaching Program | 21 Days



  1. 3 hours a day of Ayurvedic Treatments (1.5 Hours in the Morning & Afternoon)
    • Ayurvedic Oil Massage
    • Shiro Dhara 3rd Eye Massage
    • Chair & Head Massage
    • Podikizhi/ Elakizhi-Eye, Nose and Ear
    • Steam Detox-Subcutaneous Fat & Exfoliating Scrub
  2. 9 Days of Entrepreneurial Coaching Lessons
  3. Daily Yoga, Kalari, and/or Meditation Classes.
  4. Daily Sunrise Walks & Lakeside Meditation
  5. 3 meals a day of traditional Ayurvedic (Vegan & GF) cuisine. Tea & Fresh Juice available between meals. The best diet healthy food you could ever imagine!
  6. Multiple Ayurvedic meal cooking lessons.
  7. 4 Unique Experiential Learning Activities/adventures
  8. Additional treatments may include some or all of the following based on guests needs and scheduling. Acupuncture, Moksa, Reflexology, Sound Healing. Time goes by fast each day!

*All included activities based on what Doctors, staff and guests decide is in their best interest, based on effects and response of treatments. Some days we may decide it’s best to just chill.


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