Reversing a downslope.

DThe work, people and knowledge that I come into contact with each and everyday is just one of the many forms of affirmations that I am blessed to receive of my path and how the world is changing, for the better🙏🏽🕉The greatest problems plaguing this world are mental health related. They are manifesting in people’s bodies and their poor physical health is manifesting in their minds. This is the cause of so much destruction and unhappiness which pervades all around us😔🙃I was having dinner with one of our new guests who were sharing with me the insights she has seen from X Rays from the spines of young adults of about 20 years old whose spines and skeletal structures matched those of people in their 70’s & 80’s😥its an epidemic of dramatic amounts. We are destroying our bodies, minds and those of our children with the unintended & ill-comprehended and detrimental effects of our unnatural lifestyles & relationship with tech. There is a revolution coming on the horizon however, we are all waking up, some just sooner than others. The future is going to look much more like the past than most can begin to imagine. The world requires so much healing and we will all feel better if we begin taking small steps today✌🏽Here is one of my favorite simple yet powerfully effective Asanas, #makarasana 🐊; for mindfully beginning to steer the downward slant of the chin, from gazing down at our silly machines… regaining a confident chin & our proper perspective of reality. Do it for 1 to 7.5 minutes a day 1-2x a day, start small and work up to the higher time. Breeeath and relax your shoulder, bring big toes to touch and ankles/heels splayed out, forearms (as close together) as comfortable. Begin with chin on palms, working then towards fists👊🏽 Our confidence, clarity, mental health, longevity and quality of our life are all linked directly to our physical bodies and mental well-being. We need to become our priority, our values need to shift, it is our responsibility, and we need to lead our kids by our example📵🙈🗽✨🧞‍♂️#gurugint #yogatribe #ayurvediclifestyle #entreprenuermindset #crocodilepose

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