Seeds of a future Spring.

One of my friends captured another video of me, with one of my FAVE among the kids👌🏽🤙🏽, I mean, I love them all SO MUCH in different ways, they are all so precious, such amazing energy and spirits. I have made it a point to connect in a meaningful way 👁with each one on every visit. When you can tell what a good, kind and playful heart a child has; then just knowing that there isn’t someone to give them the attention that they rightfully deserve is such a overwhelmingly agonizing thing😔Each time I visit it only gets slightly easier to maintain composure when in instances, you become overwhelmed by emotions and the sensation of wanting to cry, for just so many reasons. I have never shown these emotions or cried in front of them, obviously🙄(but it has been close esp when asked to give a speech to them all about why I wanted to help them🥺!!) and my go to is to begin playing or making an attempt at humor🤓 I was talking to my friend about how hard it is to not want to adopt a couple or a few kids…one of my main thoughts, besides it not making much sense as a bachelor yogi, is that I believe at least for now I will be able to impact so many more children in a more minor way than just several in a such major way, and there is just such a great many in need. If I may spread out the love, effort and energy; while making a success of myself again in some manner professionally, I believe I will be able to assist quite a significant number🙏🏽🙌🏼🕉That isn’t to say that someday I may become a parent to some and maybe own or fund an orphanage(s). The thoughts and intentions sure are beginning though, especially with each smile and deep bout of laughter shared. People have always misunderstood what drives me, and too often I myself have mistaken that which drives most others. The important thing is now, that I unequivocally am connected to that which fuels me, and this earth has an unlimited abundance of that which sustains my drive; it will without a doubt, keep me in motion, progressing, until my final breath💗🧘🏻‍♂️🌬✨🙏🏽🕉🕉🕉 #yogainspiration #ayurvedalifestyle #karmayoga #yogatribe

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